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To get full confidence of our customers and ensure adequate health and safety conditions for our employees and the work environment and the environment SOLEME provides human resources and competent technicians and methodology of action and prevention consistent with the requirements and objectives, to ensure fulfillment of commitments.

SOLEME GIRONA SL , directs its management models of the UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001, and promotes the use of techniques for planning, monitoring and the quality of prevention, accidents and pollution in order to ensure:
• Quality in the execution of works to achieve the quality levels required, with strict observance of current legislation and within the agreed period.
• Quality ancillary services, and the final agreement to guarantee contracts.
• Safe work by implementing all preventive measures associated with the identified risks and the strict application of Law 31/1995 and the regulations derived.
• Sustainable development through prevention and mitigation, if necessary, the environmental impacts associated with our activities.

Our experience, backed by the success of our actions, in the same continuity and proven customer confidence in our teams, our proposals and ensure execuió.

Nave relied on our sevices.

Laboratories. Dr. Stephen Aguas de Barcelona, ​​Admiral, Fira de Barcelona, ​​Pixmania, Hospital San Juan de Dios, Esteve-Teijin, Hospital Clinic, Geriatric Mataro, Allianz Cobega, ESADE Creapolis.

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