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SOLEME is defined as a builder and installer, both civil and rehabilitation, renovation and decoration, modern and committed implemented throughout Catalan but experience in other areas of the peninsula and custom other European countries.

Today SOLEME desemvolupar a corporate strategy multiservice and multi multitecnicitat based on the following principles:
• A corporate culture dedicated to quality and meeting the needs of our customers.
• Extensive experience with clients through a long-term relationship and through mutual understanding.
• A strong commitment to sustainable development and to serve society effectively and ethically responsible, creating value for suppliers, customers and employees.

For this, the company has given the guarantee that their experience in the market, thanks to the prestige of the human and technical resources and innovative management and control systems. Moreover, we highlight the enormous potential of the current management team, with extensive experience and recognized in the industry, and the very existence of politics involved and focused on the needs of the customer.

purpose, pursue strict compliance with customer requirements and applicable statutory and regulatory, environmental and integrate prevention activities in all activities and at all levels of the organization and other requirements to which the organization can join. Our day to day is, in this direction, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes in the areas of quality, health and safety in the workplace and in the environment.

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Ph.: 932 107 145 - 607 780 190
Fax: 932 137 294
E-mail: soleme@soleme.es
Of.: C/ Pere IV, nº 156, low
Store: C/ Pere IV, nº 148

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